What You Need To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage

Choosing The Right Mortgage Company And The Right Loan In
Tampa, Florida.

Not All Mortgage Companies Are Created Equal

You’ve found the home of your dreams. Or perhaps you’re ready to refinance to lower your monthly payment or get cash out for a big-ticket expense. First, you need to understand the benefits of using a company that has their entire lending operation right here in Pinellas County

Big Bank Or Local Lender - What’s The Difference?

Did you know a bank or credit union loan officer isn’t required to be licensed or take continued education classes to keep up with all of the regulatory changes? Don’t worry, I’m scratching my head too. I’m sure you’ve heard stories where the loan process takes months and the buyer loses out on one house after the other. Or the loan officer goes missing for weeks at a time and they’re impossible to reach. That’s what I call the BBB – Big Bank Bureaucracy. There’s a better alternative.

When My Name Is On Everything We Do, Getting Every Detail Right Matters

Team Stapleton’s loan officers are required to be LICENSED. Each member of my team must possess a commitment to consistent communication with our clients so they know exactly where they are in the loan process. Unlike the bank, we loan our own money with fewer restrictions and more loan options. Plus the entire processing of the loan is done right here – in Pinellas County and not by some cubicle paper-pusher in California. We provide the AMAZING customer service—you get the loan!

FHA Loan

Just getting established? FHA loans are perfect for those with less-than-ideal savings and credit.

VA Loan

Are you a Veteran or Active Duty in the United States Military? VA loans are a great option for anyone who has served our nation.

Reverse Mortgage

Are you a homeowner over the age of 62? Reverse mortgages help seniors gain access to the home equity they have established.


Looking for lower rates or do you want to take advantage of your equity?

  • Convert ARM to Fixed Rate
  • Pull cash out to consolidate debt
  • Reduce monthly payment

Vacation Home

Did you find the home of your dreams? We have several mortgage options to help you buy and finance a second home even with as little as 10% down!

    Real Estate Investors

    Did you come across a great deal?  Our streamlined process helps to ensure you don’t miss out on a wealth-building opportunity.

    • Pre-Approval letters to show you are a serious buyer.
    • Unique programs for serious real estate investors.

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